Tuesday, July 28, 2009

THE ROOM: A Public Service Announcement

It's even better in person, especially here in Los Angeles, where screenings are hosted by Tommy Wiseau himself.

Until then, you can tide yourself over with Mayonnaise Bathtub's own writeup and this:

Monday, July 6, 2009


Undercover asskicker Treat Williams must pose as a teacher to infiltrate and destroy a white supremacist group at a military academy.



First viewing of TS4: FINAO led me to believe that it was just not sufficiently horrible enough to merit a write-up here on Mayonnaise Bathtub, where we believe in the QUALITY crap. But after some reflection (and some prodding from Seth, who lent it to me), I have decided that it is worth fast-forwarding to the following points of interest.

* On the DVD menu, the title is in the same font as PLAY, SPECIAL FEATURES, etc., but as my viewing companion pointed out, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION is, hilariously...not an option.

* Decrying of "Atheists and multiculturalists!" (Side note: If you're going to watch the whole thing, you should definitely consider downing a shot every time someone in the movie utters this phrase.)

* Neo-Nazi bonfire festivities shot to make it look like the joint is popping off...but then the camera pulls back and there are just four sad but very, very determined haters.

* Very long is-it-a-fight-or-isn't-it??? dude-on-dude wrestling sequence. No homo!

* Ballroom dancing interlude.

* Head on a silver platter! Literally!