Sunday, September 20, 2009

HUSSY (1980)

An aging high-class London prostitute takes up with the club sound technician; dramantics ensue.


You probably know this already, but if you coerce a hooker into dating you because you are disgusted by her line of work and want to save her from her own depravity - all the while dealing in arms trading yourself - and then yell at her and physically threaten her, you can make her do whatever you want, including love you! This is true! For real!

Also true for real, but in a REALLY true for real sort of way, if any of the following strikes your fancy, you will dig HUSSY:

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren being awesome (as usual)
Helen Mirren stark naked
Helen Mirren mock-chastising a john for being "a very bad boy"
Fin-des-'70s fashion shows (shoulder pads, beaded evening jackets, large perms, super-intense eyeshadow configurations)
Movies that end in freeze frames

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