Sunday, February 21, 2010


First up from the amazing 50 B-movie box set, the gift that keeps on giving, giving, and forgiving...

A young, frequently nude karate expert searches for her brother's killer in Hong Kong.


Crucial information:

- chick-on-chick cemetery kung fu (even match; dome crack on headstone)
- one chick in panties vs. four fully-dressed dudes kung fu (chick wins)
- same chick PUNCHING ALL THE WAY THROUGH dude's stomach kung fu (chick wins...duh)

There is not much happening between all of the kung fu, but there doesn't really need to be. There is some cracking wise, but the sound is super-surprisingly inconsistent so you might miss a lot of it. Where there is one clearly audible "I will track a motherfucker down and bust a motherfucker up" there is bound to be more of the like, so you win whether you watch this movie in total silence or yap it up and wait for the fight scenes. It's just over an hour - taking the latter approach means you won't have to wait very long. Eat a few Skittles and the next chop will be thrown before you have time to get thirsty.

Special thanks to Julie and Quincy for hosting.

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